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OMG! This Girl Put Herself Through A Crazy Transformation

A cute girl mutilates her face with multiple piercings.


Pussy Rate is on 10: Largest Biceps but fake lol

He supposedly has the largest biceps in the world but their fake lol. This dude was obsessed and was on the juice at first but then was introduced to some fucked up concoction (however the fuck you spell lol). Its a mix of mine...


Ever Seen an Albino Gorilla!

It passed away but I came across this story on National Geographic. Pretty crazy.

Super Cows

Ever seen a cow on Steroids!?

These cows are genetically breeded and artificially inciminated and they keep getting bigger and bigger with each generation. Freaky!

Doorway To Hell

Have You Seen The Doorway To Hell!??

There is a Crater in Turkmenistan that has been burning for Decades.  I guess drillers tapped into the cavern and when realized it was filled with natural gas decided to, obviously drain the gas by setting it on fire. Well tha...

Lion Mauls Man

Crazy: Lion Eating a Man in Cage

Goddamn this is some crazy shit. First off I would not be in a small ass cage with a big ass Lion. Second where the hell is the emergency team in case some shit like this happens. Y’all don’t have guns or them big a...


A Shit Burger…For Real!!! Japanese Scientist turns human shit into artificial meat

All you fans of chinese and japanese food restaurants be careful. The talk of dog meat is no more. Its about the log you drop in the toilet. In Japan they have too much sewage and had to come up with other ways to get rid of it...


Man eats Raw Meat for past 5 years

Derek Nance has eaten nothing but raw meat for the last five years. He had issues holding down food and doctors could never figure out why until he came a cross another guy with the same issue and suggested raw meat. read the w...