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Pussy Rate is on 10: Largest Biceps but fake lol

He supposedly has the largest biceps in the world but their fake lol. This dude was obsessed and was on the juice at first but then was introduced to some fucked up concoction (however the fuck you spell lol). Its a mix of mine...


Ever Seen an Albino Gorilla!

It passed away but I came across this story on National Geographic. Pretty crazy.


Drug called “Krokodil” that eats your flesh away. Caution: Graphic Content

Now I’ve never tried anything but weed but if I was addicted to some shit and I new there was something out there cheaper that gave me the same effect but ate my flesh. I damn sure wouldn’t try it. These are some re...


An Actroid: Real lifelike robot. I-Robot in the flesh!

You gotta see this!!! Its a real robot with life like motions, gestures and it talks naturally. The lips move in sequence with the words. CRAZZYY!!. Next we’ll have robot prostitutes on the corners lol


New Hobby for Michael Vick!! Cricket Fight Club

I definitely wouldln’t have the time and patience to train a fuckin cricket but it’s real. They are fed a high protein diet, weighed in and let loose for battle.


Homeless Man can really sing….Old School!!!

At first I thought it was a recording but the man can really sing.   Thanks¬†to the¬†Laughoutnews guys on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/LaughOutNews?feature=watch


Chinese boy gives BIRTH to his twin brother!

>>>>Video is in chinese<<< A two-year-old Chinese boy had surgery “give birth” to his twin brother, after stunned doctors discovered his parasitic twin brother’s foetus inside his stomach....