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Booty Duty

See Booty all day!!


Video: We found Vida working that perfect ASS

See Vida Working that ass out: Click Here


Tempting Model Claire


Super Cows

Ever seen a cow on Steroids!?

These cows are genetically breeded and artificially inciminated and they keep getting bigger and bigger with each generation. Freaky!

Lion Mauls Man

Crazy: Lion Eating a Man in Cage

Goddamn this is some crazy shit. First off I would not be in a small ass cage with a big ass Lion. Second where the hell is the emergency team in case some shit like this happens. Y’all don’t have guns or them big a...

Lance Stephensons Ankle Breaker

NBA: Lance Stephenson Breaking Ankles

Damn did you see him go down. Now this is a real ankle breaker not no slippage shit.

Ultimate RubberBand Machine Gun

RubberBand Machine Gun

I don’t know who has the time to sit around and shoot rubberbands all day but if you do then this is for you. This Rubberband Machine Gun shoots 672 rounds and has a loader as well, Cause I sure as hell wouldn’t loa...