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WTF!! The Baby Muzzle

Only in a foreign country. This is in Japan. Hey If it doesn’t harm the little fuckers then why not? lol


HOME: The Ultimate Coffee Maker

Always in a hurry or just don’t have the damn patience to wait for your coffee, then wait for your toast, then have to wait for your eggs and bacon. Well then you need this. Make all the shit at once.


AUTO: Rear Window LED sign. Give them the finger

Haha. get tired of people that cut you off or don’t let you in on the off ramp. hurry up and pass them and make sure they see your sign lol

laser hologram keyboard

This would Just piss me off. hologram keyboard

Now you know damn well this will cause nothing but problems cause your going to keep hitting the wrong keys. The damn hologram is just going to keep flickering and you won’t be able to get shit done. Just my opinion.

Ultimate RubberBand Machine Gun

RubberBand Machine Gun

I don’t know who has the time to sit around and shoot rubberbands all day but if you do then this is for you. This Rubberband Machine Gun shoots 672 rounds and has a loader as well, Cause I sure as hell wouldn’t loa...

Coin Card

Coin: All your credit cards on one card

Now you can slim down your wallet and put every single credit card, store card, banking cards etc on just one single card. You just set which card you want to use at checkout. I see a problem with people forgetting to change th...


RollTop Laptop

Rolltop is a portable computer development concept for designer, architect and everyone,  who would like to have a gadget, which, from an aesthetic standpoint alone…..read more


futuristic computer 3d interface

Tribons concept is a vision of future technology to be influence and shape ideas of community and tribalism…read more


Air Mouse :)

If technology is evolving with each passing minute then why should the gadgets and accessories…read more