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She sent them to her dad lol

Better double check who your sexting lol


Sexy Girl Photo Fails

Some hot chics that just failed at life lol


Only If Drunk lol

Drinking clouds your mind and you end up making bad decisions like these …


The Best Cheerleader Fails You’ll Ever See

Here are some of the best WTF cheerleader fails you’ll EVER see.


OMG! This Girl Put Herself Through A Crazy Transformation

A cute girl mutilates her face with multiple piercings.


17 strange things every guy needs to know before moving in with a girl

There will be lots of hair… everywhere. You will find it where you least expect it, even in your deepest cracks.


Drunk Bull RIDE FAILS!

People will do anything when they’re drunk, and watching those people fall off things is ALWAYS hilarious. People getting OWNED by mechanical bulls is funnier. These mechanical bull fails will make you LOL out LOUD for sure.