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Weirdest NBA Facts

Some Weird Shit


Old News: Dennis Rodman’s Visit To North Korea

Dennis Rodman is a fool lol


The NBA through Famous Quotes

Back when Kobe was about to lose a baddie haha

Kevin Hart Baller remake

Kevin Hart Remakes “I Wish I Was a Baller” lol

check out Kevin Harts remake of I wish I was a baller. funny shit.

Lance Stephensons Ankle Breaker

NBA: Lance Stephenson Breaking Ankles

Damn did you see him go down. Now this is a real ankle breaker not no slippage shit.

Chase Adams

Chicago 7th grader Chase Adams has real game

check out this little 4’11 7th graders handles and game. He can really ball and everyone is way taller than him.

Charlotte Bobcats v Chicago Bulls

Athletes acting like ASS Cheecks

Michael Jordan a JackAss!!! Say it isn’t So. I’ve been an MJ fan since I was little and would have never thunk it (Yep I spelled it “Thunk”). I don’t have the whole scoop or know first hand but the...

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