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The Biggest Soccer Fails Of All-Time

Damn thats fucked up lol, GOTTA SEE


Weirdest Sports Facts

whats up with all the weird shit haha


The 10 Craziest Rituals In Sports



Weirdest NBA Facts

Some Weird Shit

Anderson Silva

MMA: Silva retires? Plates, Screws and Rods oh my!!! Pussy!

So its rumored Silva is going to retire and follow the family tradition of being a cop. He reportedly has been attending LAPD classes. I mean with the combination of healed bones and steel I would say your fucking stronger but ...

Kevin Hart Baller remake

Kevin Hart Remakes “I Wish I Was a Baller” lol

check out Kevin Harts remake of I wish I was a baller. funny shit.

Lance Stephensons Ankle Breaker

NBA: Lance Stephenson Breaking Ankles

Damn did you see him go down. Now this is a real ankle breaker not no slippage shit.

Chase Adams

Chicago 7th grader Chase Adams has real game

check out this little 4’11 7th graders handles and game. He can really ball and everyone is way taller than him.